Humans have touched down on Pern and begun to make their mark on the planet. Most live in, or around, the colony of Landing, and all have been marked in some way by the changes that have taken place in the short amount of time that they've occupied the world. There has been devastation and there has been hope, and in the end one thing has been made clear: the people of Pern are varied, strong, and determined to survive.

Welcome to Chronicles of Pern, a semi-canon and AU Dragonriders of Pern roleplay that takes you back to when humans are first colonizing the planet and dragons and whers have only just been created. Characters will be able to participate in a wide variety of threads, and in the process, help shape the world of Pern through their actions.



Current IC Year
0 of 1st Pass

Current IC Months
7 and 8 (Early)
9 and 10 (Late)

Season Change
May 1st

The final days of Summer will reach into the first weeks of Autumn, bringing with it clouds, storms, and high temperatures. As the season progresses, the heat will die down, and the days will alternate between semi-cloudy and showers with the occasional thunder storm. By the end of the season, things will be bright and sunny at last, leading into a Winter that will be unusually cool for the South.

OOC Events
None at the Moment

Hatchling Events
Kindred Spirits Are We
(First Gathering)

Fire Nips at Those That do Nothing
(Council Plot)


Hatchling Ages
Gilded Jewels
Apr. 12: 11 months
Apr. 26: 12 months

Healing Journeys
Apr. 9: 6 months
Apr. 16: 7 months
Apr. 30: 8 months

New Ages
Apr. 8: 4 months
Apr. 22: 5 months



 Board Offline
I know people would like to keep the site open, and for a bit of time I really thought I might be able to do so after a brief break. But to be honest after thinking about it for the past few days, I'm filled with more misery over the potential that the site might never be the same. So it is with a very heavy heart that I must say the site is closed, effective immediately. Members will still be able to chat with one another through Discord, and access the site in order to retrieve characters and posts at their leisure.

If you received a dragon or firelizard from us, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firelizards, I give you full permission to use the art for, since it was found on deviantArt as a Free to Use template and colored by me. Same with their personalities. As for the dragons, their personalities and descriptions are free to use based on who wrote them - I give you permission to use whatever I wrote, get in touch with Aequitas or Twilight in order to determine if they'll let you use theirs. The art for dragons, or any other art, however, may not be used - the designs are free to be used elsewhere though, according to Aequitas.

I'm truly sorry to be doing this, but I would rather the site going out with grace and dignity, than to allow it to sit and suffer. Thank you all for making it go as long as it did. The Discord chat will remain open for a few more days before being closed down for good.

Lots of love to you all,
~ Faelia.
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